Duke Royale is a gospel hip hop artist from the heart of south Florida. Throughout his life, he has used the unique language of music to express the tumultuous experiences in his life and convey his faith in Jesus Christ. 

After the passing of his stepmother in 2002, Duke Royale turned to the streets out of anger, bitterness & resentment. However, in 2010, he recommitted his life to Jesus Christ. The contents of his songs changed to convey his newfound faith in the Gospel.

Duke Royale currently uses his gifts through lyrical rhythm, theatrics, and instrumentals to fuel his passion in ministering to the youth at large through his music. 

Duke  currently serves as a faithfully member of Living Word Christian Center located in Coral Springs Florida where his lyrical rhythm is embedded in the hearts and minds of the members. He is also a faithful loving husband to Kiesha Joseph and together they have three beautiful children.

With family being his first ministry, Duke Royale aspires to become a household representation of faith family and Christ.